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How We Teach

Belle Melodie, founded in 2004, is a music education organization that has proudly taught thousands of students. Our unique teaching method brings joy to learning music and accelerates student progress 2-3 times faster than typical methods.


At Belle Melodie, students start playing music before they learn to read. Within a year, they can play by ear. We encourage self-selected repertoire, allowing students to achieve competency through various paths. Parents can also participate in repertoire selection, increasing engagement and satisfaction.


To support our talented students' professional development, we offer a music learning assessment and pathway system. For those not pursuing an academic path, we ensure parents' investments are rewarding.

Our diverse team covers a wide range of musical genres, with a primary focus on basic and advanced music education for ages 3 to 14. For academic coaching, we collaborate with top instructors in our network.

We extend our support to students who face challenges, providing a special program for dropouts to continue their musical journey. Additionally, our adult classes cater to both working professionals and retirees, fostering musical joy and friendships.

At Belle Melodie, we believe music education should be accessible and affordable to all families. Therefore, we combine the best people and advanced technology to continuously develop music art courses and improve cost-effectiveness.

Join Belle Melodie and experience a transformative music education journey filled with joy, growth, and success. Together, we create a harmonious world where music enriches lives for generations to come.

Let’s Work Together

Belle Melodie is recruiting music teacher and staff. Leave a message here if you have the interests working with us.

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