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Belle Melodie means beautiful melodies, originated from the Chinese name of the founder Meixuan (美旋). 

Like the world-renowned pianist Lang Lang, Meixuan is a descendant of Manchu nobility and grew up in a musical family with a strict father who played the erhu, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. She even studied with the same teacher as Lang Lang in her childhood.

With a great talent and passion for music, she has been studying with masters from China to the United States and holds a double degree in piano and composition. 

She has also been actively involved in children's music education industry, opening dozens of children's music schools in Northeast China and Beijing since 2004, the most successful of which is located in Beijing's Haidian District, next to China's top schools Tsinghua and Peking University.  With such a high intellectual clientele, she led her team to win over 17 competitors.

To find the best way to teach music, she studied all the way from North China to South China, and then went abroad to Japan, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Hungary, and the United States, learning and practicing at the same time. She has published many volumes of music education materials for children and was elected as the youngest board member of the Beijing Music Association.

In July 2016, she held the National Meixuan Cup Piano Competition at China Conservatory of Music in Beijing. In July 2017, she collaborated with Indiana State University on a piano summer camp. In May 2018, Meixuan Children's Art Ensemble collaborated with the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra to perform "Let the World Be Full of Love".

In year 2023, she organized the GOCAA Int'l Music Competition San Diego Preliminary and Founded the Belle Melodie Music Art School in Carmel Valley, San Diego. More than 20 teachers joined the school and it's soon become the choice of the community. In​ year 2024, she organized another GOCAA San Diego Preliminary and this event is becoming one of the most important and grand competitions in this city.

The teaching methodology of Meixuan is a combination of the traditional European Kodály/Orff teaching method, the arrangement features of Yamaha's double key course and the world's ethnic music content.

Here's what she believes in and wants to share with everyone.

Music is a language. The first goal of music education is to think, express and communicate in the language of music.

Music is an aesthetic ability. The second goal of music education is to raise the aesthetic standards of the child from the inside out.

Music is an ability to love. Musicians interpret love in a variety of ways. The third benefit of learning music is to gain a greater sense of loving and being loved.

Music is a hobby that can stay with you for a lifetime. In good times and bad, music will make the soul less lonely.

Let’s Work Together

Belle Melodie is recruiting music teacher and staff. Leave a message here if you have the interests working with us.

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