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Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Love.

In Belle Melodie, we not only choose the best teacher, we choose the best people. 

Our music teachers are categorized into four levels based on their experience, teaching style, and the goals of their students:

  • Standard Teacher (Level I): Ideal for students seeking personal enjoyment and enrichment. These teachers provide a relaxed learning pace without the pressure of exams.

  • Senior Teacher (Level II): Suited for students aiming for more structured progress, including exam preparation. Perfect for those who are serious about their musical development.

  • Master Teacher (Level III): Best for highly dedicated students targeting intensive and competitive training. These teachers offer rigorous lessons designed to achieve high levels of proficiency.

  • Meixuan, the Principal (Unique Level): Meixuan accepts very limited new students each year, offering a highly personalized and elite training regimen. She takes on two new students annually between the ages of 5-7 and another 2-3 students who have passed the highest exam levels and are pursuing higher goals. Her class category and pricing are distinct from other levels. Her class needs an audition. 

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