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Tuition Change

Belle Melodie Music Art School Tuition Policy:

  • Adjustment Schedule:

    • Tuition rates are adjusted twice a year: July 1 and January 1.

  • Existing Customers:

    • July 1:

      • Existing customers without an active or holding plan will be subject to the updated tuition rates.

      • Customers with an active or holding plan will retain their current rates.

    • January 1:

      • All existing customers will have the new tuition rate applied.

      • The increase for existing customers will be reasonable and not exceed the CPI rate.

      • Customers who rarely request leave or other special considerations may retain their old rate, at Belle Melodie's discretion.

  • New Customers:

    • New customers will be directly charged the updated tuition rates as of July 1 and January 1.

Incoming Rate Adjustment Estimate

We will adjust the rate of private lessons of new customer and return customer who has no active plan or on-hold plan with us.

Meixuan Principal's Piano

$120/hour to $125/hour

$90/45min to $100/45min

$60/30min to 70/min

Senior Piano
Senior Violin
Senior Cello
Senior Flute

$100/hour to $105/hour

$75/45min to $80/45min

&50/30min to $55/30min

Standard Piano
Standard Violin
Senior Vocal

NO Change​

Group Lesson

No Change

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